Zahir is a tri-annual print journal dedicated to publishing the best in speculative fiction by both new and established writers. Each issue features an eclectic mix of literary fantasy, science fiction, magical realism, and stories that are not so easily classified. Our emphasis is on great storytelling and polished prose with a fantastic slant. We proudly publish work by prize winning writers, but are happiest when we can introduce authors for the first time.

Issue 9 includes stories by Peter Higgins, Nicole Kornher-Stace, Margarita Engle, Craig DeLancey, Abigail Padgett, Michael Humfrey, Aaron de Long, and Matt Demo.

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Read excerpts from the current issue.

Turning Point
by Karin Gastreich
Issue 17, Fall/Winter 2008
by James W. Morris
Issue 15, Spring 2008
The Kingdom of Grey
by Davin Ireland
Issue 13, Summer 2007
How the Swan Queen Celebrated Mother’s Day
by Kiel Stuart
Issue 11, Winter 2006
The Original Word for Rain
by Peter Higgins
Issue 9, Spring 2006
The Birthday Rooms
by William Alexander
Issue 7, Summer 2005
by Brian Longbotham
Issue 6, Spring 2005
Next Sunday at the Bazaar
by David Evans Katz
Issue 4, Summer 2004
A Maid on the Shore
by Sonya Taaffe
Issue 3, Spring 2004

Three Zahir writers receive honorable mentions in The Year’s Best Fantasy and Horrormore