Submission Guidlines


We are looking for well crafted speculative fiction. This can include science fiction, fantasy, surrealism, magical realism, or something unclassifiable that we haven’t thought of yet. Most of the stories we choose lean toward the literary end of the spectrum. The best way to get a feel for what we’re after is to read a couple of recent issues or at least read the sample stories online. 

Reprints: Although we prefer to publish stories for the first time, we will consider reprints, but let us know when you submit that your story has been published before.  

Simultaneous submissions: We will accept simultaneous submissions as long as you let us know immediately if your work is accepted somewhere else.

Multiple submissions: No multiple submissions, please. Send only one story at a time and wait for our reply before submitting again.

Word count: Stories can be any length up to 6000 words. Manuscripts must be typed in black ink, double spaced, on one side of white paper, in a font like Courier or Times New Roman, 12 points. Put your name, mailing address, phone number, e-mail address, and an estimated word count at the top of the first page. At the top of all other pages, put your last name, title of story, and page number. At the end of the story, put THE END so we’ll know nothing is missing. Paper clip your manuscript together. Do not bind or staple it. Send it flat in an appropriate size envelope and be sure to include a self-addressed stamped envelope with adequate postage if you want it returned. Or you can indicate that it is disposable and include a regular letter-sized SASE for our reply. 

Response time is 4-8 weeks. 

Payment is $10 and 2 contributors copies.  

Send manuscripts to:  


315 S. COAST HWY. 101, SUITE U8

E-mail submissions: Only writers living outside the U.S. may submit via e-mail. Manuscripts should be sent as .rtf or .doc attachments, or in the body of the e-mail with FICTION SUBMISSION in the subject line. Be sure to include your street address and phone number in case we need an alternate way to contact you. 

Sample copies: $6.00. Add $2.00 for postage and handling if you live in the U.S., $2.50 if you live in Canada, $4.50 if you live elsewhere.

If you have questions, contact: 


We are looking for color artwork of all kinds for our covers. You can e-mail jpeg files of your work, or direct us to your website if you have one, or send good copies by regular mail with SASE. Please do not send the originals. We pay $10 and two contributor’s copies.