Nominations for the 2009 Shirley Jackson Awards

We’ve chosen four stories from 2009 that we think best fit the requirements of this coveted prize, “The Back Porch Light” by Joseph R. Quinlan, “Brace” by Deirdre Coyle, “Bygones” by Sandra Maddox-Creech, and “The Cowboy’s Wife” by Cassandra Clarke. Winners will be announced at Readercon 21 in July 2010. 

Nominations for the 2009 Pushcart Prize

It was hard to choose from so many great stories, but we’ve picked three from 2009 that we feel are really outstanding: “The Cowboy’s Wife” by Cassandra Clarke, “Darwin’s Butterfly” by R. I. Sutton, and “Auld Lang Syne” by A. Elliott Wright. 

Mind Games by Richard Thieme

A unique collection of 19 stories of brave new worlds and alternate realities. Three stories, “The Riverrun Dummy,” “Zero Day Roswell,” and “The Indian and the Fortune Teller” previously appeared in Zahir. The edition is illustrated and published by Duncan Long Publications and is available from createspace.